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The Red Mountain – meteorological station



GPS: 49° 46′ 36.902″N  17° 32′ 30.456″E

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In the altitude of 749 m a.s.l., on the top of the Cervena hora (the Red Mountain), there is the most isolated meteorological station in the Czech Republic. It was built in 1952. Initially, it was used by the Army because of the vicinity of the military domain Libavá. But already during the World War II, there was an iron guidance tower of the German Luftwaffe situated on this place. It stayed here until the mid-1990s. The Cervena station performs continuous observation and measuring from 1970. They show that the average annual temperature on this place is about 5.5 °C, average precipitations are 750 mm, the highest day temperature of 32.6 °C was measured in July 1994 and the lowest day temperature of -34.4 °C was measured in February 1956. Due to its specific location in the middle of forests and far from civilisation, it was possible to perform such specific measurements and observations as observation of flying fireballs, counting of lightnings, monitoring of seismic activity or weighing of frost deposits.